Attention Struggling Entrepreneurs…

“How to Stop Worrying About Paying Your Bills and Finally End Your Unpredictable Monthly Income Struggle Forever”

If you work one-on-one with clients and you want to create predictable income that grows each and every month, then read every word on this page to discover the secrets of:

  • How to stand out from the crowd, drawing your ideal clients to you instead of unknowingly sending them to your competition (your competition won’t know what hit them!)
  • The single best way to create a word-of-mouth viral effect… where your past clients bring you more business than you know what to do with (it’s like raining money… can you hear cha-ching?!)
  • How to identify the “cycles” in your business, and how to use this information to profit from it (no one is teaching this except for me...because it’s specific to YOUR business... you'll see what I mean...)
  • The absolute best way for YOU as an individual to “close” your particular clients in YOUR niche (this is not what you think!)
  • A 7-word phrase to use on phone calls to upsell to another service without sounding sleazy (this actually makes your client practically beg you to take their credit card!)

From: Tom Tenaglia

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Friend,

  • If you feel frustrated, worried, scared, and unmotivated to build your business…
  • If you’re on the brink of “giving up…”
  • And if you wish you could close more deals, increase your client referrals, and sell more so you can make more money from every person you interact with…

Then this could be the most important and business-changing letter you’ve ever read.

Right now, I bet you are asking yourself...

“Yeah, okay Tom, what makes this different from EVERYTHING else out there?”

If you are taking ideas from the external world, trying to apply them, and very little is happening…

It might just be because the truth needs to come from within.

What you are about to discover by reading every word on this page is how you can tap into what is inside you... 

By unlocking what is inside, the external world changes…

That means follow some proven principles of success, and money won’t be a problem anymore…

Instead, you’ll have “high quality problems” like not enough appointment slots on your calendar for your clients who want to book you… (but that’s a good thing!)

How exactly do you unlock what is inside?

“You might think it’s weird...

The secret is astrology (yes, astrology)

But not the cheesy horoscope stuff”

Allow me to share my story...

I had struggled with all sorts of business ideas, trying everything under the sun.

Even things I had certifications in and could do better than my competition, for whatever reason I couldn’t close the deals, or worse, I felt sleazy asking for money.

But what happened next surprised me…

I experienced astrology from Pam Gallagher, a woman who has been teaching and reading astrological charts for more than 40 years.

Don’t worry… you don’t need to know what an astrological chart is or how to read one.

Pam runs the only physical astrology school in the USA, the Midwest School of Astrology.

Pam's school is recognized by ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research).

What Pam shared with me from my astrological chart completely blew me away (and she didn’t even know me at the time).

She helped me understand exactly where I was stuck in my business.

...who I needed to be in this lifetime...

...the things I needed to do… order to have the things I truly deserve and so desperately wanted.

What she discussed with me were particular to me and my business.  Not general “go do this” suggestions at all.

I observed as she took person after person she just met at a conference and helped each one with what was going on in their lives… without even knowing them!

So, for the next 3 years, I studied with her, because I want to “pay it forward” by providing you with similar value and guidance that Pam provided to me.

The astrology I practice is spiritual in nature.  It is not the newspaper horoscope astrology.  

What I practice is the real-deal, and the method is probably something you haven’t heard of, whether you are into astrology or not.

Our zodiac sign, known in astrology as our sun sign, is a very small part of the whole picture of who we are.

And even then, our zodiac sign is not who we are, but rather it represents a portion of our potential in this lifetime.

If you’re like me when I got started on this journey, using astrology may sound a bit far-fetched to you.

So, let me ask you…

Consider what you’re doing today…  How’s that working out for you?

I want to help you in your business using the power of astrology…

But first...

“Here’s the truth about creating predictable monthly income with one-on-one clients...”

Working with clients one-on-one isn’t fancy…

It doesn’t come with a big stage surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people…

And by taking your time to be with each client one at a time, it doesn’t REALLY scale…

Meaning getting to millions of dollars in revenue while working with clients one on one usually aren’t talked about in the same sentence…

So why do we feel so compelled to work with clients one on one?

Well, I believe there are some types of work that can only be done EFFECTIVELY with a client one on one…

When a business owner tries to teach the masses, they inadvertently have to “water down” the message…

And that leaves people like you and me feeling conflicted.

We want to make the money, but we don’t want to water down our message.

We want to make an impact, but how do we do that by working one-on-one with clients…

The truth is…

Working one-on-one with clients may not be the fancy thing other “gurus” are talking about…

In fact, many “gurus” shy away from the idea of working one-on-one…

But you want to make a difference, a direct impact, in someone’s life for the better…

It’s VERY rewarding for you to experience that…

And you’ve discovered over the years that your contribution to your clients carries into the work your clients do in the world…

And that makes you SO HAPPY.

You’re about to uncover the secret to:

...increasing customer retention

...getting the same people to buy more

...while putting money in your bank account month after month with ease...

Feel fulfilled… AND profit significantly!

Would you like to explore how to grow your business, working one-on-one with clients with my help?

Then join me for a one-on-one astrological marketing consulting call…

“For a limited time, if you are one of the select few, you’ll get on a Zoom call with me to go over solving your one-on-one client problems once and for all…”

Here’s some of what we’ll cover on this call…

  • Astrologically “diagnose” the problem you are facing in your business so we can solve it for good, which means you can feel perfectly normal in what you are going through, feel comforted knowing we can solve the problem together once and for all, and you’ll leave the call feeling great about your future
  • Craft an “easy to apply” plan for destroying the problem forever, so you can start seeing incremental improvements in your business right away, which means you are finally “spiraling up” in life and business, and your business success becomes a matter of “when” not “if” it happens (say “goodbye” to hoping and start saying “hello” to success!)
  • Discover simple yet powerful marketing secrets specifically for your business, so you can get your message out there, which means your clients will become magnetically drawn to working with you, and you’ll no longer feel like you are chasing someone into becoming a client
  • Key chart patterns decoded you don’t know about, such as “internal/external” and “sowing/reaping” so you can amp up your manifestation powers, which means getting what you want in life and business becomes SO much easier (it’s kinda like going to sleep imagining what you want, and then waking up and having it show up on your doorstep!)
  • The moon’s phase at the time of your birth so you can begin to learn the lessons from the themes in your life and apply these lessons on your path, which means you can avoid having to do the same thing twice, and instead start being able to build more success on top of existing success, such as making more sales from existing clients, and finally get that exponential growth in your business
  • How others hear what you say, so you can craft your message in a way that will be well-received, which means no more scaring people away from you when you tell them what you do, and instead you’ll find more people eager to do business with you it’ll feel effortless in comparison to the struggle you have today with getting clients 

“You’re getting knowledge you can apply IMMEDIATELY to get unstuck in your business (Learn from my mistakes and my $24,377+ investment over the last 13 years!)”

It’s important to keep in mind I’m not just giving you theory…  The stuff I share with you has been proven time and time again.

You can listen to my interview with Pam Gallagher if you don’t believe me!

If someone tries to just “duplicate” what I do, they don’t see what I read in the astrological chart…

So they end up picking up bits and pieces but miss what’s below the surface for WHY it works.

It’s like how an iceberg is only visible about 20% to ships.  The 80% that is invisible is where the power lives.

This is why simply trying to do what someone else does doesn’t mean it works for you.  In fact, it probably hasn’t.  You need to do what works FOR YOU.

How do you discover that?

In my one-on-one call with you, you receive my interpretation of YOUR chart, put into a business context, to solve your unpredictable income problem once and for all.

Simply follow the steps I give you (don’t worry… it’s a lot easier than what you are doing today in your business!), and the Universe’s energy (some call it God) will come in and help you prosper.

“My goal: You make your investment back

within 3 days of our call!”

I don’t know about your business yet, but I will learn about it on our call, and my whole focus is to help you recover the investment for the call within 3 days.

Not only that… I want to help you scale your business and create long-term success, so you can finally accomplish what you’ve been dreaming of.

But let me be clear...

Is this a typical result?  Nope.

Is this possible for you?  I believe it is.

Will you achieve it?  I don’t know.

What I do know is what I’m going to share with you works, has worked for me, and has worked for others.

It can work for you, too.

I can give you everything you need to get the success you want.

It’s up to you to apply it.

Maybe this is exactly what you need...

And just think about it…

What if it DOES work for you?

“What you’re getting...”

  • Personalized 1-on-1 Call with Tom Tenaglia, the Entrepreneur’s Astrologer, so you can finally get “unstuck” in your business which means you can finally get your message out to those who need it, significantly profit from it, and start living your best life yet
  • FREE Bonus: How to Shine Your Light: “Becoming Your Sun Sign” Bundle, so you can supercharge your life by identifying and living your purpose which means a much more fulfilling and happier life you get to enjoy, rather than a life of worry and struggle
  • FREE Bonus: Mercury Retrograde EXPOSED: What They Don’t Want You to Know, so you can use the 9 to 12 weeks out of the year that mercury is retrograde to your benefit while your competition is waiting until Mercury goes direct again, which means even if you don’t know what Mercury retrograde is, you’ll be able to surpass your competition by using the secrets of its retrograde time (even if you know nothing about Mercury Retrograde!)
  • FREE Bonus: The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet for Getting People You Just Met to Schedule a Paid Appointment with You, so you can start profiting from people you meet every day whether at a supermarket, a conference, or at a live event, which means you’ll no longer struggle with awkwardly trying to convert someone you just met into a paying client

“Is this right for you?”

If you are competent in what you do…

Whether that’s coaching, consulting, or something else that involves working with clients one-on-one…

...and you are willing to suspend disbelief for the duration of the call...

Then this call is right for you.

“Imagine a life where you have more clients coming to you than you can fit on your calendar...”

What would your day feel like when…

  • You discover your purpose and turn that into an attractive market position so your clients are drawn to you over your competition, which means you can increase your prices because of the demand you are in
  • Your clients refer you to all their friends and family, so now you have a waiting list of clients that goes out at least 6 months or more, which means your biggest “problem” becomes which clients you are going to help today
  • You no longer have to take clients on just for the money, so now you only work with those you get a good “vibe” from, eliminating the “tough” clients that don’t deserve your time, which means you no longer have to deal with potential clients that give you the “run around” or won’t commit to your services
  • Your business hours are so profitable you can create your own schedule, so you only work as long or as short as you want each week, which means more time for friends, family, fun, travel, relaxing, or whatever else you want to do, without asking anyone’s permission
  • Your clients share their wins with you from applying your message in their lives, so you feel energized to continue helping more people, knowing the difference you are making in the lives of many, which means you finally feel like you are living a fulfilling life full of purpose

“Discover how to attract the thousands of people that are looking for you...”

Your clients are out there.

There are people waiting to do business with you.  And only you.

They are people who are desperately seeking YOUR message.

If you want to get your message out there so these clients can find you…

So you can make an impact in their lives…

All while getting paid very well for it…

Then you should do whatever you need to do to get this 1-on-1 call from me.

“Will YOUR life become a success story?”

If the only thing this call does for you is help you discover your gifts, your purpose, and your power… it would be worth 10x+ your investment…

If the only thing this call does for you is shine the light on you your “blind spots” for what is scaring away clients

If the only thing we covered is how you can attract your ideal clients, communicate with them, and close them based on your unique method of communication… you would close more deals every single time you get on the phone

If the only thing this call does for you is teach you unique marketing principles for your particular business, so you can grow your business once and for all… it would be worth thousands of dollars...

But this 1-on-1 call doesn’t do any single one of these things for you…


“The number of calendar slots creates a VERY REAL limit on the number of people that will get one of these calls.  Don’t miss your chance…  Grab a slot before your competition does...”

Working with me one-on-one for 6 months costs $12,000.

For a weekend "reprogram your mind" engagement, it's $5,000.

My marketing consultations go for $497 (they aren’t free because of how powerful they are!), and I’ve sold them as well.

This is the first time (and maybe the last) that I offer an astrological marketing consultation reading for $12,000 $5,000 $497  just $297!

It’s absolutely ridiculous that I’m doing this, but I want to help so many struggling entrepreneurs (such as yourself) and get you moving in the right direction once and for all.

When the spots are gone, your chance to claim your seat will be gone.

“Claim your place as one of the elite entrepreneurs participating in this life changing process...”

When you register now for the super low one time investment of $297, you get…

  • Your Personalized 1-on-1 Call with Tom Tenaglia, the Entrepreneur’s Astrologer (Value: $794)
  • 60 minute Zoom call to diagnose and solve your business problems once and for all, so you can get on with growing your business, which means you don’t have to stay stuck anymore, and you can finally achieve the success you are after
  • Get your questions answered so you have the course-corrections you need to be successful, which means all the guesswork is completely removed, and you can go about building your business profitably and making an impact in the world in a positive way
  • Discover the best time to do the things you are planning to do, so you can allow the Universe’s energy to act as a “tailwind” by decreasing the time it takes for your goals to manifest, which means instead of things taking a while because you are running into the wind, success will happen faster for you because the Universe’s energy is behind you supporting you in the direction you are going (just like a wind gust behind you pushes you along)
  • MP3 downloadable recording of the call so you can refer back to it in the future, which means we can go deep in a short period of time and cover lots of topics without you having to worry about remembering everything or writing everything down
  • PDF version of your natal chart so we can discuss key components of it together which means it won’t look so cryptic, and you’ll be able to apply the major lessons in the chart, so you can create the most successful business you’ve imagined
  • Entire reading personalized to you so you can rest-assured it will be packed with tips and tricks for your business, which means you’ll get the support you need to overcome your business obstacles and finally succeed with your entrepreneurial endeavors once and for all
  • FREE Bonus: How to Shine Your Light: “Becoming Your Sun Sign” Bundle (Value: $97)
  • Physical copy of Pam Gallagher’s NEW book “Becoming Your Sun Sign” mailed to you so you can dive deeper into your particular moon/sun combination (we’ll discuss on our call), which means you’ll find building a business gets easier each and every day
  • MP3 downloadable recording of Tom’s interview with Pam so you can get an additional perspective on astrology which means you’ll become more aware of everything astrology can offer you and your business
  • PDF transcript of Tom’s interview with Pam so you can refer back to the text and concepts without having to take your own notes, which means you can sit back and relax while listening to the interview
  • Quickstart Group Call and Q&A with Tom so you can get the best method for going through Pam’s book and additional tips and tricks Tom’s learned along the way, which means you’ll be able to get started right away with benefiting from Pam’s life’s work
  • FREE Bonus: Mercury Retrograde EXPOSED: What They Don’t Want You to Know (Value: $47)
  • Discover the reason why Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation, so you can see through all the misinformation and know the truth, which means you’ll be able to use Mercury Retrograde in your business successfully even if you don’t know what it is (Think you have to avoid weeks out of the year from signing contracts, planning a trip, or talking with people?  Wrong!  You’ll learn the truth here...)
  • Did you know Mercury Retrograde can be used for manifestation?  Uncover the real meaning behind Mercury Retrograde so you no longer have to be a victim of it, which means you’ll become the envy of your friends when you start manifesting during a retrograde time!
  • Need to sign a contract during a retrograde period? Use these 3 keys to ensuring a deal in your favor, which means you won’t regret signing it in the future (at least not for Mercury reasons!)
  • FREE Bonus: The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet for Getting People You Just Met to Schedule a Paid Appointment with You (Value: $497)
  • Discover exactly how to answer “What do you do?” so people become curious about your services which means no more hearing “oh that’s nice”, no more chasing someone down to find out if they want to do business with you, and no more awkward transitions into giving them a price for what you charge
  • The 7-word phrase to use on a phone call so you can share what you do without sounding like you’re pitching an offer, which means your offer slides in “under the radar” and makes the person you are talking with want to ask you to provide that service for them (I call this “The Invisible Offer”)
  • What to say to someone you just met before you try to close them on your services... Apply this quick-start checklist to supercharge your next conversation so that even people you just met will introduce you to potential clients.  This means you can start growing your business exponentially today! (Warning: If you don’t do this, you’ll scare them away almost immediately!)

“You Get It ALL for $1,435 Just $297!”

“It’s Decision Time...”

You’ve come to a fork in the road…

If you go left, you’ll be left exactly at the same place you are today, worried, frustrated, and about to give up.

The road on the right is the one less traveled.

Taking the right road, you’ll feel energized, empowered, and finally able to sleep at night because you’ll be making a difference in the lives of all your clients…

Clients that so desperately want to hear your message…

Clients that are WAITING for you, but they don’t know where to find you… YET...

Choose the right road.

Let’s get your message out there, attract clients to you, and make the impact you are so desperately wanting to make…  Let’s walk the right road together.

“Schedule your call by choosing a date and time below that works for you...”

NOTE: If no times are available, all the slots are full. You can request to be notified if any slot opens up by clicking here...

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

To your success,

Tom Tenaglia

P.S. One year from today will surely come.  Where will you be?  Will you have given up on your business dreams?  Will your clients that are surely waiting for your message end up never hearing it?  Or will you become that “go to” person many people seek out to help them?  In order to stop struggling and start succeeding, you have to do something different from what you’ve been doing.  Let’s work together and get you the success you deserve! Click Here NOW to get started!

Tom Tenaglia

Creator of

Rise Above Your Chart

About the Author

Tom Tenaglia is the Entrepreneur's Astrologer.  Tom studied under Pam Gallagher and the Midwest School of Astrology, and everything he does is about bringing together the world of empowerment and the world of entrepreneurship.

Tom's flagship product, Rise Above Your Chart, is the only astrology program on the planet that teaches people how to activate and use the cycles of energy in their charts through extensive personalized webinars and course content, which truly helps each person live their potential - it is not a course taught to the masses, but rather a course that helps you use YOUR own chart for your desires in life.

Host of the Empowered Entrepreneur Show podcast, Tom helps people discover their life's purpose, reprogram their mind for success, and attract an abundance of paying clients to their businesses.

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